Favorite Videos

Everyone needs a little eye and ear candy! Like everything else on this blog… it may not be all that original, or even that good, but if I like it, and I got time, it’s going to find a place somehow. And for the most part, I find it helpful, or don’t want to lose track of it… so for the lack of something better, I’m collecting it here. It may not be much, but it is something of a taste of internet Orthodoxy gathered in one place. Sadly, I haven’t any of the monks and ascetics whacking on their visitors here… just some good choir music.  Good when you need a quick fix, but not much more than that.  Enjoy!

Serbian Christmas song:

Taste and See:

Holy Apostles Orthodox Church – Thanks to Deb:

The Lord’s Prayer in Georgian (from Moscow) – Thanks to Dixie:

Holy God – Thanks to wandering, stumbling, and God’s great mercies found therein:


Thou Art a Vineyard

The Angel Cried

Rachmaninoff’s arrangement of “Bless the Lord O My Soul”

Hymn of Kassiani

Let My Prayer Arise



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