Readers wanting to make direct, unpublished contact with the author are encouraged to use the dialog box below. I apologize that it may not be the friendliest or easiest way to start a conversation, but it will be readily identified as email from a blog reader… and highlighted for reply… and reply I will.

Yeah… it’s a bummer, man. I would have preferred posting my “true life” email address… but  screen-scraping bandits have run off with it so many times, I’m tired of coming up with new animal variants, nicknames, and the like … not to mention passwords… that I can actually remember and use as email addresses and passwords… that this seems the best hope of hanging on to my few remaining unfried brain cells. I mean… believe it or not… I’m actually running out of words for this. Surely, you will understand and accept my apologies in advance.

Oh… and I know there’s this “Submit” button down below.. but don’t get existential on me or anything. I mean it’s a button and it’s down below, and we’re Orthodox which means we submit to the Church and we’re also ‘down below’ or in the middle or at least not ‘up there’… but this thing’s only meant to serve as some sort of “Send” button and not represent a subliminal message. And  no, it won’t zap you or me or anything… so I guess we’re out of luck there.

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