Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | February 12, 2013

A Remarkable Servant of the Servants…

Pope Benedict’s resignation is… well… quite surprise. Whether you liked him or not, agreed with or resisted him, whether you respected him or otherwise… he was there until… well… until he wasn’t. There will undoubtedly be a lot written on him, the Roman church, the papacy and all that in the next few weeks. I wouldn’t try to compete with better, but only wish him “Many years!” as we would on anyone’s retirement. He has in fact turned out to be the Spacer Pope we rather expected of a man his age at his stepping up. Now with his stepping down, he seems somewhat more remarkable for his relaxed grip on power… a sort of grip as refreshing as it is rare.

Here’s a very balanced reflection by a Jesuit writing in and published by the New York Times… or at least I thought so! As someone who read the NYT as only a Sunday paper until recently, I have to confess that it continues to pleasantly surprise me with its breadth, even if it’s own positions are almost predictable to the point that no matter their apparent logic, coherence and depth one cannot help but wonder that the sort of inquiry engaged never quite measures up to its self-professed worth. Reason pursuing a foregone conclusion tends to look more like explanation than the sort of honest, wide-open inquiry which could potentially convince those with other views… but that’s not terribly likely or troubling anyway given that my view is increasingly that “persuasion” is more often self-amusement than anything else.

Please turn to: The Change Upon Christ’s Rock, NYTimes Op-Ed, February 12th.

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