Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | December 4, 2012

More News from the “Why Bother Department?”

So why bother with blogging?

Dunno. Seems the crowd has moved on, the parade’s gone by and all that. And maybe that’s well deserved; maybe it’s just what’s needed; maybe we’ll just have to wait and see. I think of blogging as a good place to journal a few things with the “publish” as a point of polish… not a final draft per se… but close enough to let another take a look’n’move on.

But today, social media – which unfairly I think of as anti-social media – is all the rage. Deep thoughts in 120 characters. “Yeah, don’t bore me, fill out the form! None of this long-windedness … just gimme a few words and buzz off. Can’t handle it.” Mostly judging from my “friends” on Facebook, it’s guys into marketing and advertising… and yeah… that’s about the tops we want from them anyway. Which puzzles me about the Pope… who is now into Twitter? What’s with that?

I’m thinking, “Sure. Thomas Acquinas in Twitter would probably have been a lot more to the point. Cut the crap man… just gimme hit me with what you got in 120 or less.” I know for one if the guy had done it, my Philosophy of Religion course would sure have been a lot easier. Probably wouldn’t even have to think or anything.

FWIW, don’t think I could nail it myself that short, nor if I did, that it’d be a good thing. The amount of thought involved in communicating phrases as terse has got to have you so focused on your own thoughts and inattentive to others, I can’t possibly imagine how “social” that really is. Then again, does anyone really care what any of us thinks? or that somewhere in the midst of our lives we manage even one or two complex thoughts… even if they’re poorly expressed?

“Sure, sure… heard it all before. And these new things… these mammals… what’d ya think of them Mr. T Rex? Not gonna make it, huh? Jus’ another fad? Yeah… yer right there. Sure ya’ are. Why don’t you climb into this oil can and mark yourself SAE 50 ? Yeah? An’ when you’re done, do us a favor and climb on to the shelf next to the wiper blades.”

So yeah… I run a tad long. Thoughts of high viscosity, too? Maybe… make that way long. But what’s the deal? We’re each writing for ourselves in some measure (see the notes on the recent pub of John Lennon tidbits from here and there), and we all have to learn to “express ourselves”… which I’d prefer to mean something other than what my vet’s referring to we asks that we express certain glands.

“Ah… but then y’don’ read your own stuff, now, d’ya? Kin’ o’… hmmm… comesy goesy now, ain’t ya?”
“Well… it’s been a long slog of a year. ‘Pologies. an’ all that We’ll get back to a little more variety…uh… soon enough.”
“What with Christmas an’ all that right around the corner? Oh go on!”
“Well… at anyrate…’tis an ambition.”

And at that, it maybe no better than my ambition to make Vespers regularly, or that the Church get busy working on its married saints who stay married… as in the same household and acting like… well… y’know… least we could say is that they wouldn’t be the types goin’ to a monastery any time soon… if y’know what I mean. Then there’s the ambition that maybe the Church could say something like:

“Y’know… we’ve thought about it, an’ well… Heaven’s kind of… well… not sure how to put this, but seems we’re kind of full-up on the tragic types. Done. Topped off and all. And we’re getting kind of antsy for a little … should we say ‘balance’? Fact is, we’ve put in for a few more comedians… an’ y’know… that’s a way edgy request if you know the type… rare up here… even if we don’t say so ourselves.

“How rare is that?” you say.

Glad you asked. It’s like so rare… it’s like if you’ve got nothing better than a sad story… um… recommendation would be to try cheering yourself up a bit… b’fore you put your app in and go and martyr yourself.

Really… these essays… don’t know if you’re reading the rough drafts or anything… but you people obviously don’t get why we came up with the multiple choice app in the first place, huh? Like… seriously… we mean … tripple OMG… losing our minds reading these things. An’ FYI… we’re like on our umpty-ump rotation of folks just trying to staff that committee just since last week. Lots of folks quitting jus’ ’cause they can’t take it… these things… not kiddin’… make’em feel like they ended on the other team.

So c’mon… Give us a break.

An’ y’know anytime now…. you can let go of the woe is me bit, too. Sooooo been there, done that. An’ the tears for the whole world, talking and making friends with wild animals …in the wild blah blah blah…yeah… full up there, too. An’ just for the record: No, you can’t bring the bear or whatever it is with you. Especially bees… tired of sorting the happy bees from the angry ones. Seriously. An we’ve got plenty of “the lived a million days in desert eating sand and singin’ hymns”, tons of folks from caves… I mean if there’s one BamBam’ there’s a million all sending their “love ya’ man… doin’ okay and thank you an’ all that… still here’s intercedin’ fer ye dude!”. Caveman speak… like surfer speak is another headache we can do without.

So to cut to the chase… let’s just get it out there… ya’ don’t have to go be a weirdo or anything. Really. Mean it. Sure… we got’em… boy… do we got’em… but what’s wrong with someone here and there just a tad bit towards normal? Someone we could …like be done with some of those tiring questions… y’know… ‘did you feed me when I was this?’ or ‘clothe me when I was that?’ or even ‘visit me when I was where?’ an’ so on. B’tween us? Let’s just say it’d be nice to ask someone… as if they might have a clue what we’re talkin’ ’bout: “Whose gonna win the BCS this year? Bama or the Irish? An’ by the way, whaddya make of the new Bond flick?”

Now don’t get us wrong or anything… an’ it’s not like we’re gonna run out mercy slots any time soon… its just when we get to celebrating the ‘one who’s lost and found’… we could really use a little variety and all that. Spice of Eternity if you know what we mean.

Just sayin’ .”

Yeah. Heard that. And no, if Moses heard the guys say this, it must have been on one of his rough drafts… y’know… the tablets that didn’t make the final cut. And I know what you’re thinking: “Kind of like me, huh?” Whoah. Dodged that thunderbolt.


  1. JtTHedness awesomeness as usual. Sometimes I wonder why I still blog, but heck… I just like doing it as well as doing the one-liners in comments on Facebood. The fact of the matter is, the Bible isn’t 66 books of 120 characters each. Sometimes you just gotta know how to stay interesting and have something more to say than will fit in a tweet.

  2. I’m glad you’re still blogging 🙂

  3. THanks! Wasn’t fishing… just wondering if this is what folks are seeing / feeling themselves… or is it just me.

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