Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | June 26, 2012

Now that fasting season is almost over (again?)

Well... if you’re a new Orthodox Christian, perhaps you’ve stumbled on the “food thing”. Yes, the stuff that shows up on plates is well… good one minute, and then suddenly just when you’re thinking things are good… whoah… it goes all wrong somehow. Yep… that’s fasting season. Seems like they pull out all the weird cookbooks just to inflict stuff on people. Oh f’sure there are some folks who pretend to get value out of stuff like “Your Favorite Lenten Cookbook!” and the like… but seriously… really? I mean c’mon… we know where they’re really pulling these things from, don’t we? Yep. Did a little research… found out some stuff. Yep… this is what we got here are a couple of the critters they’re really using. And they work, too. I mean you try something here, first thing you know… you lose all interest in food. Yep. I did.

Remember my spiritual father’s line about these things? Fr. Delirious used to say, “Obedience is a piece of cake. ” Never quite understood what he meant. Thought he was… as usual… just being his own erudite, obscure self. Then of course he showed me HIS fasting cookbook. Needless to say… lots of discussion followed. Yep. Orthodoxy is a lot more complicated… gonna take a long time to acclimate to… but something tells me the mystery pulls in new and untold ways. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look for yourself. And yes, I knew the guy liked the movie Zombieland… but seriously… the man knows what he’s talking about. But I’d be definitely doing him a dis-service not to mention he’d follow his advice with the ever handy, “Don’t look too deep into the ingredients” bit. Yeah. So I guess next time… hey, we won’t go there. But just so you don’t get the wrong idea…  Fr. Delirious is such a great ascetic… he makes his own shoes. And that’s a story for another time.

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