Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | June 13, 2012

Why Father’s Day is a Card

With Father’s Day approaching, my wife sent me this video. I love the daughter’s horror. Yes, I know this daughter’s look of horror… and over things far less expensive than an iPad… like a pair of socks somehow “suddenly” violating all fashion rules… as if Dads were somehow involved and signed on to the Geneva Convention’s Rules for Dressing and Dancing in Front of Other People. Need I say, “Not!” or its German equivalent, “Nein!” ? Love that double punctuation by the way…. can’t take a sentence out back and shoot it either, now can we?

Yes, so who’s my wife call the other morning when she gets to work after commuting by a school bus stop where the Dad dropped off his kid and then proceeded to do “…a little dance…” in goofy clothes? Umm…. Why is it when someone sees someone else doing something ridiculous they all seem to call me? “I saw this guy… must’ve been your long lost brother…”. What am I supposed to say, “So you spotted a loser and… gee… I’m glad you thought of me?” Sure.

Anyway… while I’m writing this I keep thinking through all the things this daughter must have been thinking. Yeah… somehow she’s so past the bit about “my Dad’s a looney” …and I’m sure she’s wondering something so off the mark like, “What’s he trying to tell me?” when all he’s doing or THINKS he’s doing is trying to say how much he loves her by showing her how great her gift was, and he’s using it for absolutely everything. And don’t you love how she tries to say absolutely nothing? Ah… you say… but this is just the ten seconds before the ICBM’s come zooming in on ground zero? Possibly. All I cans is that if this is acting – and it is – it’s great acting. Sir Laurence Olivier… and Meryl Streep couldn’t touch it in a zillion years.

So while I don’t understand a word of German and you probably don’t either… enjoy! Sorry WordPress doesn’t embed this variety of video. Guess WordPress must have a few Dads, too. Maybe. Or more likely they’ve just gotten hung out to dry… like the Dads who got shot up in Second Dishwasher Wars (more on that later). Anyway, here’s the link: See what you can do with it.

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