Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | June 7, 2012


Lots of great folks named Ray: Ray Charles, Ray (Ghostbusters), and of course the inimitable Ray Bradbury. I think Bradbury was one of the first writers that I actually sought out to read. Before that, everything I’d read had either been given to me or assigned. Ray was different… sure, I’d been assigned a short story of his, but after that I was inspired to look for more. And he had a way with words and a sense for rhythm that to me was almost a poetic prose… and it is this that I will remember him for more than Science Fiction. No Shakespeare or Donne, but nevertheless, a man with more than just a story, more than just a plot that unfolds. Reading Bradbury was an adventure in alliteration. Just the titles, like “There Will Come Soft Rains”, “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and “Dandelion Wine” to name three that come to mind… were enough to say this guy was out of the ordinary… like all the other Rays. But truly, he had an impact on my life in his writing, his imagination, and in “Dandelion Wine” the gentle sensibility he maintained. There were pieces I didn’t like, too, but he was a writer first, and categorized as Science Fiction because there was no place else to put him. “Oh, yeah! He did that Martian Chronicle thing. Yeah that’s right. Space guy. Put him over on the crazy weird fiction shelf.”

And now Ray himself is on the shelf. When that day dawns with no evening, perhaps we’ll meet…. like all those others. Ray, thanks for the gift of your writing. Memory Eternal! Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.


  1. Ray Bradbury was the first author I sought out too in the mid 60’s. I read everything he wrote since. I saw him speak at ASU in the mid 80’s. His poetic prose ruined me for most other writers. A gift is gone. May his words and memory be eternal

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