Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | April 26, 2012

Here again…still

And so I’ve resisted posting which has been good. But my resolutions remain. I just haven’t got the time…not for now. Thinking I’d rather post on a multi-author blog, I tried to imagine what that would look like… and it’d definitely be more general interest. I wrote up a description and even took some initial steps to setting one up, but then overwhelmed by the rest of life… let it slide. Maybe another day. And so posting has been largely zero zip nada.

But keeping with the original intent of this blog though with less fervor, I’m not gone for good. Seems the Orthoblog-o-sphere ain’t quite dead yet or in some measures quite moved off some of it’s tendencies to define itself against the world. Sure… I mean I get it, but really… God’s creation? What would Elder Thaddeus say besides, “Hmmmmmm?” So something may happen yet. Yes, surely “as if”… but even a lone voice may have a place or need… if only as a record of the good things we find and think want to share with others… or with ourselves later… when we may be more in need. For as Elder Thaddeus puts it, “The role of the Christian is to filter the atmosphere on earth, and expand the atmosphere of the Kingdom of God.”


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  2. Nice to see you are still around. I took a several month hiatus from blogging regularly (however, was sucked into the FB black hole). I’ve decided I like the blogosphere better than the FBsphere. I looked in my blog bookmarks and it is amazing how many bloggers have dropped out or post once in a blue moon now. I hope you post more regularly, personally. The “multi-author blog” attempts I’ve seen have universally failed within a few (very few) months. Probably because people are already scratching their heads for stuff to write for their own blogs already.

  3. Not sure how I get rid of the advertisement… wonder when THAT started?

  4. Anonymous – Are you talking about the “Orthodox Collective”? I got it on my blog too. Seems someone put us on auto-link without asking our permission. You should be able to delete the “comment”, I always do.

    Glad you’re back – even if it’s for a little bit.

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