Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | January 2, 2012


One of my chief resolutions for the year is to reset the ol’ schedule. Been there, done that without any luck most years, but this time I’m doin’ a bit more carving. And let’s face it, having gone from wishwashy to whatevery to Orthodoxy, change isn’t impossible, only hard. And I’ve learned a thing or two about hard in the transition that might come in handy.

For one, it all begins with the fact that I’m not as good at the “lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice” as I should be. Working late leads to late dinners, late dinners to late wind-downs, etc. All of which leads to a lack of sleep and a lot of other deficits that once you fall into, you just never seem to climb out from. So it’s time to start at the starting point of the day to regain control at the end. Maybe. Honestly, this time it’s gonna work!

But part of getting serious about getting somewhere is redirecting efforts… and that includes the whole of the internet, blogging and even Orthoblogging! Imagine that!

Since I’ve never found myself particularly good at leaving off with something without taking up with another, it’s fair to say first that this has been a great place to work a few things out, but the time has come to admit, I’ve found another adventure. Not gonna say I’m throwing in the towel per se… though I’m headed there, but just at this point, that the time looks increasingly at end when it will make sense to keep a single dimension in this sort of effort. Fact is, two things have happened. The first is that “working things out” has pretty much finished the easy work… the “stuff” we might actually write about. The more difficult part that might be of greater interest, well… “might” is probably a generous view of it. The fact is, the part about repentance that involves the real digging… just ain’t gonna be pretty. And I’m not sure it’s appropriate anyway to share that here as though some sort of spiritual exhibitionist… as though much could be claimed… which folks, if St. Michael were hangin’ around (which he ain’t btw) he’d post a sign along with the yellow tape to “keep moving, there’s nothing to see here”. They tell us sin is everywhere the same… except all the dirty details nobody really wants to know anyway. And writing seems too easily to tread towards material where the possibilities for expanding one’s participation in egoism and other unbecoming aspects we’re supposedly trying to exorcise from our lives… so it seems the time to shut that venue down is right. No great insight there.

But there is an alternative avenue, and that’s simply to follow St. Benedict’s guideline of complementing all our spiritual efforts with physical… the good works things. Yeah, those. Much as I’d like to push those to background, I have to acknowledge that the refuge of philosophy, theology and even excessive prayer can be an avoidance and fear of actually putting the Way of Life into practice. Like pretending to be a surgeon with no more than a Merck Manual or pretending to be a musician by doing no more than knowing the notes ruled on the five-line staff, there’s a long way from theory to practice. And I’ve done some practice, but y’know… there’s just not glitz to it, or reading about it. “Gee ain’t that wonderful!” just ain’t gonna do especially much for the connection between theory and practice other than “FAIL”… so it seems enough to let those things alone here, too.

So that tends to lead me to pausing on just about most of the material I’d tend to post here, and that’s been more or less where it’s been for the past year. Not sayin’ “Done”, just sayin’ maybe if we keep blogging, it’s time to look at a whole new way of toasting the things that come along. Maybe.

In the meantime, I’ll be babystepping the process of polishing up the tarnished likeness… more like it’s smoked over and covered with dirt, and we’ll need some “Top Job”!

But before I go or go elsewhere, let me say thank you! The net, blogdom and all… it’s not the pit of despair so many suggest, and in fact can have quite a savory effect in places. Can it be a well of sorrows you pour upon yourself? Sure. Doesn’t have to be, though. And I am happy to see that after some years where things seemed rather one-sided that the presence of many other voices have sorted out the shriller ones now gone… and even made it seem less compelling that we should even need to offer a counter balance (“As if”). So with the full knowledge that the blessings offered elsewhere make my voice here superfluous and that this is indeed a good thing, I’ve been blessed to find more fruitful pursuits. And since I’ve not been granted the blessing of 30-hour days (yet?), something has to give… and this seems one of those things.

To those whose blogs I’ve frequented, you’re better off with fewer of my comments. Please keep up what you do, and know that my silence is more due to awe and respect than to lack of interest. To those who have been kind enough to indulge me here from time to time, my thanks, but also… hey… at least I won’t be wasting your time with my pretense. No, I can’t claim to have lost my pretense or my proclivity to “share” it, only that the time has come to indulge others and yield the floor here so that I might offer better elsewhere… both in writing, but also in thinking, working, giving, serving and all the rest. Should I resurface on this media, I’ll post a link here.

May God through the Holy Trinity bless you and yours together with your pursuits through the coming year and always.


  1. And many years to you!

  2. Thanks for all the words! I enjoy them.

  3. yes, many years… I think it sounds like you are going out of the blogging business on a good note. Of course, I won’t need to say goodbye since I’m one of the lucky ones who will still get to see you on a regular basis.

    I didn’t realize you were working so much. Yikes!

  4. Thanks for dropping by! Been a thrill to post things here that have been useful or entertaining in some way. Not done with that, but am done with making the Orthodox part of it an “exclusive”, and so will migrate material perhaps to another locale. Sigh. Still think it’d be a hoot to have a group effort… and write here and there rather than an exclusive toot your own horn thing. Front Porch Republic has one view of things… and Orthopraxis type blog would make sense to me. Something with a mix of light and serious.

    So yes, in the absence of a site like that to write for, it’s looking like I’m pretty much hanging it up with regular posting and pressing myself to come up with material. I HAVE lots of it, but its on the slow cooker, overnight stuff. Thinking about another more general interest blog where this fits into the background… but then happy to leave it at thinking for now… and not actually doing anything until I’m given the luxury of a number of banking some “stuff”. The “how” is as important as the “what”.

    Yeah. And with all the churchy things and their like, I’m starting to worry about free time in the summer already. Too many ambitions… too little time. Can’t let the serious crowd out all the rest… I mean flopping around on the underground rung of the Ladder’s kind of where I belong.

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