Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | December 23, 2011

Three Quotes for the Season

So often, reading more than writing is the thing. It is when we realize that what we offer best lies less in our mouths at the tip of our tongues or in our minds and through our hands, and more and more becomes lending an ear or reading the words of others whose hearts may be more spiritually attuned to our goals… it is then that perhaps we are stilled enough to recognize the image and likeness of its rendering and perhaps lift our own aspirations towards a more worthy goal than our own limits can conceive. And since we stretch this way and that, we share as best we can the gifts of others. Here are two that fell beneath my eyes recently:

“What shall we offer you, O Christ, who for our sake has appeared on earth as man? Every creature made by you offers you thanks. The angels offer you a hymn; the heavens, a star; the Magi, gifts; the shepherds, their wonder; the earth, its cave; the wilderness, the manger; and we offer you a virgin mother.” – from a prayer for the Orthodox Christmas Vespers service

“…from this day forth, from this hour, from this minute, love God above all.” – St. Herman

Yeah. I’d add one more from a favorite movie just to close (because, no doubt, in spiritual terms, by contrast with so many, there’s little doubt I am something of a pig stuck in the mud…sigh):

“That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.” – The Farmer (aka “The Boss”) in “Babe

A Blessed Nativity to all, Merry Christmas to you and  yours, and a Happy New Year full of peace, prosperity, health and happiness!

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