Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | August 29, 2011

Notes from All Over

Posted because I like looking at this photo because it’s… well.. perfect in so many ways as a procession, as it reflects silence, care, and leaves you wondering what it might have been like to be there as a witness. Were they singing? praying? From here, there is only wonder.

Credit MSNBC, H/T Byzantine Texas

And then there’s another that has been a favorite of mine (and others) that yesterday became a reflection on the preciousness of the time we’re given as well. Let us praise the Lord while we have breath… with every fiber and every ounce of our being, and we will find peace. Archbishop Dmitri here has a look of serenity in this you can’t find from any other source. Memory Eternal! (For reflections, please see Byzantine Texas and Fr. Stephen’s Glory to God for All Things).

Archbishop Dmitri H/T Fr. Stephen Freeman

Sr. Margarete (and Sonya)

Also, my godmother was in town this weekend on her way to complete her three-years study with the Antiochian House of Studies program up in Ligonier, PA. We had planned to go to St. Marks for Vespers, but given the inclement weather of Irene forcing cancellation, I drove her to Fr. Nicholas and Kh. Becky (Alford) for a nice visit Saturday afternoon. Sr. Margarete reports she has enjoyed the course of study, and found the second year at Callistoga (Holy Assumption Monastery) much more settled. She was all smiles (as she is here with her friend Sonya): and it was great to see her and hear report that Fr. Gregory Rober (her dad) had made it safely out of Dulles on his way back to State College from a Berlin conference. Please pray for safe travels for all.

Finally, Louis Zagami of IOCC came to St. Marks on Sunday and we had a good visit. Lou is a recent transplant from the Boston area – complete with accent, and a wonderful addition to the IOCC staff of fundraisers. He is in the Diaconite program at Holy Cross – and I think just beginning his third year, and an active member of Annunciation in B’more. Great to have him at St. Marks.


  1. I love that photo too… always good stuff over at ByzTex.

    I’m sorry St. Mark family didn’t get to meet your godmother. I wonder if my godmother knows her since she’s visited just about every woman’s monastery in the US looking for a monastic home.

  2. Yeah. Sr. Margarete was definitely bummed. St. Nicholas and St. Mary’s (Romanian w/Fr. David Subu) also cancelled. But a hurricaine’s not to be trifled with. Next time!

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