Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | April 27, 2011

What SHE Said…

Stumbled on these the other day. Can’t get enough of them. Do I eat the Hummus? Well… I prefer the fresh local stuff whose name escapes me (we actually have two local Hummus companies). But these commercials are awesome! Reminds me of someone I know…. maybe – as my kids used to say – even “many, many somebodies “.

I love the shocked look and voice. Sooooo recognizable. FWIW, Dads suffer pretty much the same cluelessness as Yiayia when it comes to fashion. They may never use the P-word, but still err. Most dangerous question ever asked, “How do I look?” or “What do you think?” Yiayia here doesn’t wait to be asked. Dads know enough to wait to be asked… maybe not enough to say nothing, but at least in my defense I was asked…. once. Twice… usually it’s just a pained look and “OMG, what are you thinking… no, don’t tell me… I can see it now… I look like a beach towel?”

The way she draws you in… like she’s in on the game with that little smile… oh… yeah. So clever… and then you take the bait, only to get cut off at the knees. But you still want her approval, don’t you? She knows it, too. And you’re only gonna get that when you get married and give her grand children. You know it, too. Ah… and all this truth comes from just a little Hummus… it does so much for so little.

This one I love for the “Why you no have job?” together with the way she puts her back into pulling on the goat.

So I guess it’s a worldwide phenomena: When you become a grandmother, they issue you a new license.

“Ya. And here’s your Yiayia license… it’s a license to kill… with kindness or more commonly, looks and a few choice words.”

Now of course I didn’t have a Yiayia. In my case, they issued me a Nana instead. Nana’s are just waaaay better. I think it’s a German import or something (think “Who were the people that made Santa Claus cuddly and warm?”)… and even if she did come from Iowa, she was almost always putty in your hands. Best pole beans in the world. Best rolls, deserts, steaks… you name it. And she gave us our mother, which is goodness itself. Only the chemistry between the two… puzzling. But boy did she love our daughter when she was born… her giggles, her cheeks and her curly blonde hair. I guess that’s just the way sometimes.

And I do think of her often. We miss her… even twenty years on.


  1. I love those ads too. I think we are missing that phenom in our culture nowadays. I don’t know at what age “The License” gets issued but I think I got my learner’s permit when I got gray hair and the people behind the counters started calling me “Sir”.

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