Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | October 20, 2010

Okay… Forget the Rent… Let’s Talk About the Shoe

Yesterday, I apologize for breaking the covenant and posting a political commentary, and for even climbing on the soap box. We all have ideas, and as I’ve said in my “About”, I do have a proclivity to share them from time to time. But I realize this time of year with an election coming and everything… the last thing folks need is to run into someone “sharing” too much. So forgive me.

On the other hand, just as I once was dumbfounded to find Mr. T … I mean like we were introduced in a NFL broadcast where he was  primping for “The A Team” and was named for an entirely different letter… which was puzzling like that response on the SAT test where it’s all about picking between “None of the Above” versus “B and C but not D”… and you can’t even remember what’s going on…or who’s on last…  and the next thing you know ol’T is gone and it’s all about the Reverend Al Sharpton. So today  just as the Reverend Al is so much a has been, I am relieved to discover Jimmy McMillan might carry the load. So on the odd chance you’ve missed it, here’s Jimmy’s own bit of passion:

Says it all. Of course this leaves me pondering why it is that New York gets all the good candidates? First the Reverend Al Sharpton, and now Jimmy. Can’t anyone move to Maryland before they run? I’m feeling very unequal at the moment. And that doesn’t even begin to address the fact that in Don’t Ask Don’t Tell…aw… what the heck… okay “Do Tell”….

“Right… um….. gee… this is so hard… where to begin? Okay…Mom… Dad….  so like my shoe and I have been having a “relationship”… for a couple of years now… and we were thinking…. so is Jimmy like a minister and everything, too? ‘Cause like he said….”


  1. yeah, if he were running for president this guy could get me to vote… just once.

  2. whatcha mean…we had Alan Keyes! LOL.

  3. Ah… but y’see… I actually voted for brother Al Sharpton in the primary. He might have been a loose canon, but he would have been entertaining. And as one right wing crazy once said of Al, “…he’s one of the few fellows out there that will actually answer the question you put to him. The rest all seem to dodge…”. Every man has his virtues.

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