Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | March 14, 2010

Podcast of Note

In all the time I haven’t had… and I haven’t had much, I’ve still managed to work in a podcast here and there. One worth listening to I think… I’ve listened twice!… is under Kevin Allen’s Illumined Heart on Ancient Faith Radio where he’s interviewed Dr. Paraskeve (Eve) Tibbs on Mystery and Sacramentality: East and West“. “Eve” packs so much into her words that honestly, you have to listen twice to catch it all… if you’re hoping to “get it”, and at least I thought it was worth getting because it helps to have someone help some of us Thickheaded individuals come to understand why it is we’ve found this ancient church so fascinating. I’m not saying it’s necessarily “new”, because… well.. what’s “new” in an ancient church? other than the journey out from under phyletism, persecution, and the rest? Okay.. there’s plenty. But what I mean, is that often we sense things but can’t always articulate them, and Eve manages both and quite well. Left me wanting to read the Didache. Now that’s something that doesn’t happen everyday. I realize there are folks out there “dissing” the efforts of Ancient Faith in various ways for a whole host of deficiencies… but for my money, they do a decent job. Recommend this one in particular!

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