Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | November 27, 2009

Holiday Weekend Movie Rec: “The Blind Side”

Went to see “The Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw. I liked it. Maybe I’m sentimental… but there are places in this movie where only a stone wouldn’t be moved. I haven’t read Michael Lewis’s book… but it kind of leaves you wanting to. Nevertheless, though perhaps the movie seems to become more of a study of Sandra Bullock than Big Mike (Oher)… it’s still a good yarn, and a great family movie. We all went, and loved it. I’ll be taking my dad when and if he gets well enough.

Are there some problems? Sure. Find some things in the movie a stretch of the imagination – especially that some of the attitudes represented are part of  a contemporary study rather than a story from twenty years ago. But what do I know about today’s Memphis? My college roommate insists it happened at his old alma mater… but in a way this is the same sort of myth that “Animal House” was about “my” school and the “fun” we had….but these urban legends often seem to take on a life of their own, huh? But if bother to look, it’s actually Briarcrest Christian School. And does it help that Tim McGraw’s in it? Sure. Know some of the dude’s songs (great!) but didn’t know he looked just like one of my old buddies back in the day before the Houston traffic sadly took him… so nice remembrance of sorts here, too.

But I digress. The story’s good. It’s about character, it’s about a family… and peripherally… it’s about football. I wish there were more football… but movies don’t usually do football very well. Tend to put everyone in slow motion or have them conveniently fall down while the good guys seem to get’er done. But if you still reading this and haven’t bought your tickets online – more than almost anything else, the movie is a story about a faith lived through a number of folks who take it seriously and the difference it makes. There are some reasonably real minor reflections on the costs involved… that it’s not all roses and kisses… but for the most part, if there’s a negative, I’d say it’s that everyone wants to make it work…. for one. Do they get that there’s more than one where it should? Yes. Even a similarly brief look at that.

But my point is simply that these stories are rarely told in this way or unfold this way in life, and rarer in popular culture, and if we don’t support them when they come along… Hollywood and the rest of the Leviathan simply revert to supporting the Vampire, Blood and Lust syndrome far more common… and tell us that “they tried, but no one came.”


  1. Thanks for the review. I finally saw the “new” Star Trek movie this week. The wifey demanded a “night on the couch” and she’ll even endure a “Die Hard” movie to get one, God bless her. If my track record holds, I’ll probably see Blind Side in a couple years, unless the wifey has a hankering for another night on the couch sooner.

  2. I thought the movie was really good. Better than most inspirational sports movies lately.

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