Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | September 3, 2009

What a Hoot

So it’s a usual rush home. Gotta make it in time to go for a run, take a shower and go out to dinner by seven thirty. Thursday night before a long weekend… yeah… I guess folks aren’t going to work tomorrow. But of course I’m not one of them. So I’m late leaving, and gonna have to squeeze more out of a time window than I have.

We do the usual routine: Get in the car, punch the CD over to the Capella Romana CD, start the evening prayers, and pull out of the parking lot…. wheels not quite screeching. Get to the parking lot gate… and I’m already halfway done. Wait for the light on to the main drag… follow it down, and I’m in mid “Lord have mercy” count down.

Get to the “… who are God glorified in all and by all… ” wind up at the end, and that guy with the Oregon plate is really bugging me. Looks like he’s on his phone. And he’s dragging man.Obviously doens’t get where I have to be… and what I have to get done.

New prayer line comes out after the “Amen.”: “C’mon buddy, let’s go.”

And it’s then it hits me how ridiculous this whole bit is. And I break out laughing. What a hoot: me a holy guy. Like that’s happening. Best I can hope for is that God is laughing at me and saying, “Seriously… I’m not buying it.either”. Worst case… he’s reaching for a thunderbolt.We laughed a long time. Most of the way home in fact. And no, I’m not buying it either to the quadzillionth power.

Lord have mercy.


  1. If you hadn’t been praying, chances are good you wouldn’t have been laughing.

  2. ROTFL! Yeah, cars and “spirituality” don’t mix. St. Anthony with road rage…now there’s an image…

  3. Hey… that’s a great image. Maybe that’s what all those noises were in the cave… road rage or Bartok symphonies.

  4. This hits way too close to home!

  5. Americans tend to rush as they drive — greatly increasing their chances of an accident — to go nowhere.

  6. You should see the Italians, George!

  7. George… Thanks for visiting.

    Praying in the car has actually slowed my driving considerably. Slower tends to be more peaceful and commensurate with the sort of “work” I’m doing.

    Then there are those times, however, where the light turns green, but we’re not going anywhere until someone up ahead finishes going through their “contacts”, finds who they’re looking for, makes the call… and then begins to think about driving. Sometimes we have to wait for two or three other folks to hang up from calling the Pizza man so that dinner will be waiting when they get there. Everyone says they multi-task… but reality is that most folks will linger over the Pepperoni vs. Olives-and-Tomatoes question as if it were the weight of the world, and turn left only after they get that solved. And reading the credit card numbers and expiration dates… all I can say is that if you’re NOT praying in your car… maybe you should be!!!

    But you’re right: Folks have so much horsepower in their cars today… and delays make them want to use it, that they tend to drive too fast.

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