Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | June 9, 2009

Cable Mystery

Last night was one of those that got away. The office literally refused to regurgitate me until about 9:30pm. Crawled into the house, amazed as usual that my better half had still waited to eat, and we grabbed a couple of plates. With the darling daughter occuppying the couch in the family room with one of our favorites of her friends watching a good flick (‘rents watched and enjoyed it Saturday night), there was more peace to be found in front of the den TV than the nearby dining room. Yeah… and we were tired. So this isn’t exactly blog material is it? Just pretty much ordinary everyday life.

But once ensconced, the channel surf washed up something on St. Catherine’s monastery and the life of the monks there.  My wife works as a librarian at Dumbarton Oaks, so she was eager to see more… because she catalogs monographs and serials on this stuff all the time… as she said. I’d thought I’d have to change the channel… but instead I got to watch. Yipee! It was fascinating to see that the life lived between the monks and their protectors and fellow servers, the Bedouins. They showed a document signed by no less than Mohammed himself offering protection to the monastery – forever – in recognition that the monks and Moslems lived peacefully together. There was footage of the bread making with both folks working side-by-side. There were interviews with some of the monks… particularly a young monk. And there were shots of the divine liturgy being offered. The whole looked to me like it might have been out-takes from Fr. John McGucken’s upcoming film… but that’s another story. In short, it was a real treat. Oh, they had more on Byzantine history… with stories about icons and iconoclasm… but this was the best part of the whole and fit into their treatment of the 6th century icon of Christ… the famous Christ of Mt. Sinai.

So where was this broadcast? That’s the mystery. It was shown on something called Wealth TV. Yep. One look at their charter… and you’ll likely feel your stomach starting to turn. So it must be filler… which means it will probably turn up somewhere else soon enough… or never.  Looks like the only way they managed to give it air time was to focus on the gold treasures used in Byzantine artifacts… and of course the plunder and looting of the 13th century. Anyway, my guess is you won’t be finding yourself turning into much of the rest of their material… but this might be worth checking out. Maybe it’s played elsewhere before? I have no idea. Anyway… thought it might be worth noting. And at least it’s not showing on a channel whose programming is worse than this, but perhaps Fr. Vasiliy over at the Onion Dome will be happy it was close to the Russian news channel.


  1. oh wow, that sounds like my type of show… but I admit that I’ve never heard of WealthTV.!! LOL. What an odd pairing. I’ll have to do a TiVo search and see if it’s coming on again soon.

  2. I’ve never heard of Wealth TV either. Judging by their webpage, I see I’ve not missed much and won’t be.

    You’ve a sweet wife who waited to eat with you. Much smiling over here as I read that.

  3. Yes Phillipa… she’s a prize, and bless you for saying so. Small sacrifices, everyday sacrifices are a Mom’s stock and trade… and somehow always makes everyone feel special… even when we know we’re not.

    A friend of mine says she always tells her husband to “Go to work. Work hard and make money.” I’m lucky. Yeah… I do the same things and all.. but all my wife asks is “Have a good day and remember to come home.” Obviously, Forgetful Jones and I have some things in common besides singing “A-klahoma”.

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