Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | May 11, 2009


By your leave, today, I’m rechristening this blog. Veni Vidi Credidi had its points, but after a while… heck it’s a little pretentious. I’m neither Caesar nor claiming ambitions remotely parallel. And anyway… he can keep France. My forebearers left it for the land of soap… soon to be followed by making a path to America… and we never looked back. We weren’t exactly allowed to… all Huegenots were supposed to land in Virginia… but  one look ( or should I say “whiff” ? ) at our Frenchiness and it was, “Staten Island’s just the place for you guys: Down wind of New Jersey. You’ll love it.  Jersey smells just like you guys.”

So Veni Vidi Credidi becomes Under the Dome. Aside from fitting the hairdo, it covers just about everything that passes between the ears, and extends in some measure from the inspiration of the last post of the same name… which in turn was inspired by the new photo… which in turn was inspired by weariness borne on the rocks of Fame Island (the old photo). And heck… the Beatles almost became St. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band… ’cause there was this new group… CSNY and they wanted more words… but rather than changing the blog… I’m just changing the masthead. And no, this is not another ploy to lure all three fans into buying new  T-shirts, Lunch Boxes and Coffee Mugs – though that’s an idea. And no, I’m  not claiming fame, nor class, nor fans… nor even to be one of the long lost Beatles… but seeking something I can live with… or at least loosen up with. ‘Cause like I need too, huh?

Many thanks for your patience.


  1. Well let’s hope the new look means higher quality content. JK LOL

  2. This is going to be fun!

  3. Thanks for visiting. Yeah, quality control… we’ll do our best. But if it ain’t fun.. or helpful… it stays in the draft can.

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