Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | February 27, 2009

That Fifth Fotoshop Foto Biz…

Okay. The reportedly random and easy blog post: Fifth photo in the Fifth photo folder. While it tends to look considerably less random when it turns up something site appropriate as in certain… ahem… cases that may have tagged me here, a little re-org goes a long way. By golly, I meant to do some, too. Well… it’s not that I meant to do some, but more like “… if I post that photo I’m a dead man”. So lookee here… what have we now? “No… the only random thing about posting THAT Fifth photo in the Fifth folder will be the five places they find my five body parts afterward.” So… let’s just keep re-opening that photo folder and doggone… if there isn’t a new folder in there… I wonder what’s going on? “Hey, look at this… prayer works!”

Truly amazing. Yep. Look ….a photo of the dog! Nobody died posting a photo of a dog. This really must BE the fifth photo of the fifth file folder. Yep. Like that secret fifth column during World War II… it was here all along and I just didn’t know it!

Buster (Now) of Blessed MemoryAnd whaddya know? It’s not just any dog… no… any dog would jump up on my bed at 3:00am and disrupt an otherwise good night’s sleep with a “Is it breakfast now?” inquiry… because he doesn’t have to go to an office… ’cause he gets to sleep all day. Right. No that’s any dog. That’s much more like this dog named “Jib” I’ve run accross. Somewhere. Not sure where. But Jib just doesn’t seem to get it, and hard headed little dude that he is….refuses to read the memo as to what constitutes official sleeping quarters, wake up time, breakfast time, how to read the clock – the whole bit. “We said moving hands of the clock… not a minute move of sleeping hands on the bed. And when I rollover… and don’t say anything….trust me… that’s the way it’s supposed to be… they’re no treats, and you’re not supposed to be involved.”

But this dog… he slept quietly and comfortably in the closet. All the night. He didn’t have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and have to have special food or stay two weeks at the Vets living the life of Riley while busy spending my money like a King and playing losing hands of $500-a-chip poker with the other dogs and veterinarians (Whoever said there was no money in going to the dogs?).  No, this dog, our Buster, was a healthy animal until suddenly, one day, he wasn’t.  Model citizen. Yeah…  and I know for some that concept brings up whole sorts of issues….but that’s another can of something.  And I also know he looked a lot similar. Some folks don’t even know there was a change!  But heck, the old guy seems a saint by comparison to the newer model.

Well… in truth, Buster’s breath was about as bad as it gets… but he seemed to understand and was more than happy to be scratched while breathing in the opposite direction. What a guy. And his toys seemed to last a lot longer… at least long enough to learn their names and he seemed to know which one was which, and he could respond rightly when you said, “Go bring me the corn!” so you could throw it.  Okay… so he wouldn’t actually give it to you without a tug-of-war… but at least he “got it”. By contrast, Jib’s toys are measured in minutes of lifespan… so he seems to have no idea what you’re talking about when ask, “Where’s Fuzzy man?” but just gives you a look like you said “Want some dinner?” or maybe he does understand… but understands mostly, “Hey… you threw the remains in the trash, remember?” Oh yeah. Well… so that leaves Jib on this restricted diet of fire hose and the ever annoying squeaky (fire hose) protected octopus. And no, I can’t recall Buster’s toys ever having to be confiscated for my ears’ early morning protection.

So that’s my bit. Yeah. Totally random. Totally. Now as to tag…. random idea… I’ll just take the Fifth… and remain silent. ‘Cuz, yes… it could incriminate me…. or at least find me back where I started…living in fear of the body parts department.


  1. I reiterate my previous statement in a previous post…

    …ya GOTTA write book dude!! Your stream of consciousness is just hilarious!

    Blessed Lenten Journey.

    Somehow I suspect Jib will be a major contributor to the ‘suffering’ part of the journey.


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