Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | February 10, 2009

Pre-Lent: It’s all about the Donuts

Okay. Pre-lent is upon us. I’m contemplating my fake cheese cookbook again. Yep. The disaster that went happily into the Hereafter… but now looks like it might come back. Can’t say it was the fault of the recipe… I mean I kept forgetting something. And I don’t know enough ’bout cooking to know what tastes…. mmmm…. just wrong. Nor do I know enough to know that if I just replace the offender with another ingredient out on work release… maybe we won’t have to go back to jail and fail to collect our $200. So I imagine I’m in for another attempt or two. All ’cause I can go without the meat thing just fine… but cheese kind of makes the hard to swallow a lot easier for those of us with challenged buds.

Of course, we could just go with the bread and water. I used to do this in High School at just about every caffeteria lunch. September was a teaser… they gave you burgers and pizza… followed by… well… truth is we never figured out what it was followed by. That was part of the problem. Oh, it always had a name, but it was a name scrawled in fear. I mean isn’t that SUPPOSED to be part of High School? Someone writes something on a blackboard… and everyone gets the shakes. Why should the lunchroom be different? I mean… even the so-called “chefs” want in on the fun, right? And by the way… where do these people get their training? Surely it’s some place where “feedback” is not meant to be something anyone wants to think about as having some sort of “loop” quality to it… I mean… quality just isn’t in the equation.

But where was I? Oh. Pre-Lent. Most people think of Mardi Gras, New Orleans, Rio… whatever. Wild excess. Things run a lot tamer in my neck of the woods. Something more like a wild night at Cactus Cantina… maybe even a half of a Beef Fajitas dish with a half salad and a Frozen margherita… complete with anglicized spellings. Well, I stumbled on something close to my heart… a Krispy Kreme run. Yep. Part of the ol’ collegiate experience. Who couldn’t forget opening their dorm room door to be greeted by a couple of young sweet things selling donuts… closing the door quickly… and re-opening it after a quick 10 second “make-over” ?  “Just a minute… let me look for my many many bilionity dollars for your donuts… ah… I keep them right here… next to my black tie, white dinner jacket, and keys to my many, many Porsches and Corvettes… be with you in minute… there”.

No… the Barry White Love Unlimited Orchestra somehow wasn’t the soundtrack of my Seventies college experience… but we are coming up on the ever-dreaded Thirtieth reunion. And while I wonder if there’ll be a donut run? I’m thankful that interim visits have assured me that the car can complete its Mission Possible: “Must seek out and find Krispy Kreme….”. Yes, despite the best efforts of its formerly misguided management, the old evil double-K didn’t manage to go bankrupt and disappear. Maybe they’ll paint an icon with a donut lover someday… and he’ll be saintly cop or someone. Maybe not. But it could be good for business… if not a challenge for fasting. Ah… think of the paradox.

Anyway.. my babbling aside, I couldn’t help sharing this story from Sunday’s Washington Post (full story here):

Fleet Feet and Sweet Treats


In a charity race Saturday, more than 5,000 runners ran two miles to a downtown Krispy Kreme shop, at a dozen glazed doughnuts each and returned to North Carolina State University in less than an hour. That’s 2,400 calories and 144 grams of fat consumed while burning about 400 calories during the run. The student-run Krispy Kreme Challenge raised about $35,000 for the North Carolin Children’s Hospital. The event began on a dare among college friends in 2004.


  1. The preparation for each of the Fasts, for me, is about bratwurst, bacon, pancakes, hamburgers and ice cream. Yup, that’s about it. I began my bratwurst prep weekend before last as well as last night, pancakes and bacon were last Monday, ice cream is ongoing. Hamburgers are coming.

  2. My problem is that in all my rush to get one last taste of all the meaty, cheesy dishes that I so love, I usually end up gaining at least five pounds (if not more) between Christmas and Lent. Then, during the fast, I’m lucky if I lose more than a pound or two. Haven’t quite figured this one out yet…

  3. I read on a yahoo news article that KK was going to be one of those “belly up” (no pun intended) companies hit by the current depression (uh…I mean recession).

    I’m not a big KK fan. Haven’t found a donut made without soy either so they’re out.

    Had to laugh about the high school cafeteria. Their pizza was excellent back in the day….! LOL!

  4. Brats last night, rib eyes tonight, ribs sometime between now and Sunday. If God didn’t want us to eat animals He wouldn’t have put meat under their skin is what I always say. Lent is tough…. KK? They went belly up here and haven’t returned yet. sigh.

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