Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! and My Thanks Especially

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. If we can’t bless this thing into Orthodoxy… then we aren’t worth our salt! There is tradition here, there is “oneness” of spirit here, there is indeed a deep sense of gratitude for all the gifts of God, this new creation, and all that we have. And what could be easier then blessing a day of giving thanks to God?

So while I hear and respect the worries and concerns of those troubled by the paradox of a feast in the middle of the Nativity fast, in all truth, if indeed as Fr. Meletios Webber suggests, paradox is the heart of Orthodoxy, than what could be more natural? Let us simply bless it in to the Church, and let us do so with humility, without a sense that we are pained to do so, but with all love and giving of ourselves to a nation which gives and blesses us with so much. Have a prayer, offer thanks to God, to each of our brothers and sisters in Christ, and have some turkey!

Okay… in other news… this also happens to be my Saint’s Day: St. James the Persian aka “The Sawn Asunder”. I meant to post more on him for this today… and it is a measure of my unworthiness or at least my indolence and infirmities… and over-commitedness.. that I’m going to have to beg off until next year… or perhaps we might just suggest that I’m busy imitating my St. James’s less endearing ways… the backsliding ways that inevitably led him to fall to pieces. Lord have mercy!

And about blogging… uh… to quote President Vandercamp’s campaign slogan in Christopher Buckley’s new book which I’ve just finished (Supreme Courtship): I promise “More of the Same!” Yes, he didn’t want to get elected… but in the inifinte perversity of American politics… proceeds to do just that. So while I highly recommend the book (and not this blog post!), I do thank those who mistakenly encourage me in this blogging endeavor, and promise that all the “stuff” bouncing around in my head.. those unwritten pieces and not-ready-for-Prime-Time players will eventually make it out to the blogosphere. E-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-ly…. but these days, well… time calls elsewhere more than I would like… even if the fruits are… well… falling on seemingly fallow soil… or like just-planted seeds… just awaiting some water, sunshine and a little time.

Also will take this moment to thank all of you who read, but more to the point, bother to write here, elsewhere, or on your own blogs for all that you contribute. Imagine you don’t hear it often or even think very much of it, but there is a point where the postings in the blogosphere of ordinary Janes and Joes do make the otherwise seemingly impenetrable Orthodox world and Church seem far more do-able, far more approachable, and far more a part of the American Life than it might otherwise seem to those on the outside looking in. So thank you for all you do… in however much or however little you do it… for you made part of my journey, my start, and my continuance into an Orthodox Life…. however that project may be going…so far. So “nuff said… and before it gets r-e-a-l-l-y uncomfortable…

Anyone for some more potatoes?


  1. happy Thanksgiving and Name Day. I hope you’ll have time to post about St. James soon.

  2. Yes more potatoes please. And I’ll take another serving of the Brandied Yams! DUDE!!!

    Blessed and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    And happy, blessed name day! God grant you many years!

  3. Strange, strange, but original. I hope you and yours had a good Thanksgiving.

  4. We FINALLY ate the last of the potatoes. No, thank you. 🙂

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