Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | November 13, 2008

In Case You Missed It…

In case you missed it, OCA has a new Metropolitan. I can’t believe it… but I’m excited about Metropolitan Jonah. Only three years ago, if I’d seen this word… this title… I would have assumed that somehow, some words got dropped. Like maybe when they say, “We have a new Metropolitan”… they forgot to add “Council” or “Police Cruiser”. But, no, I seem to know what it’s about now… which is either a measure of how far I’ve come, or how weird I am… or both… and like I said, I find this a joyful thing. … yeah… that applies both to my weirdness and the announcement. Hard to share with my non-Orthodox world… so I just have to settle for posting it here, there and everywhere.

And even though I’m Antiochian… which the same three years ago I would have figured was some sort of a board game (Parchesi, Pinnochle, Cannasta – all board games I can’t even spell ! much less play)…  I am thrilled. I mean the Metropolitan formerly known as Bishop Jonah, formerly known as Fr. Jonah, and now so formerly known that The Artist Formerly Known as Prince is himself quite  miffed but impressed with the hat…yes, this same Now Known as Metropolitan not long ago… was the author of a great piece in Again magazine, reprinted on his Orthodox Circle page, and then gave a talk at a parish retreat a year ago on the same subject: “Do Not React, Do Not Resent, Seek Inner Peace.” There are Five (5) parts but I think it amounts to a reasonable hour plus or so…. the whole of which is titled “The Path to Prayer”. I recommend it/them highly… except that just about everyone who’s likely to read this has probably already listened in… but “just in case you missed it”… it’s here over at Icon New Media Network.  I’d add that listening to this is even better than the written piece… as I think you’ll hear a humble Christian with a good sense of humor (I’m relistening – even as I write this).


  1. Yes, that 5-part series is beyond oustanding. I’m thinking of playing the MP3’s in my Sunday School class next Spring. I really need to listen to it again. Not reacting, not defending ourselves, is one of the hardest things to do (at least IMHO)!

    By the way, Skip, please don’t quit your blog. Your whimsical, creative writing style always brings a smile to my face. You bring something to the table that no one else quite does.

  2. I’m so glad you linked to it because I have not read it or hear the lecture. Thanks!

    I feel the same way about not having anyone to talk to about it, but I am so happy.

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