Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | November 6, 2008

Well… I’ll Be Bloggone

Well… I’ll be bloggone… as in doggone. Thinkin’ ’bout makin’ the blog gone entirely and giving up the ghost as time seems to run shy more and more these days. But news of my blog’s demise, welcome as it may be… is likely premature. But the wonders of a byline and all the big bucks for the movie rights aside, an activity of this nature seems less and less clear as to what it’s about.

If it’s entertainment… well, maybe… but for whom? If it’s enlightenment… then this sure isn’t going to be much help. If it’s a record… then it ought to sing. As a Beatles fan… a guy who still appreciates John Lennon’s ethic of short, tight, crisply presented and generally upbeat, uptempo music…. I guess I find it fits… but it’s hard to manage. I’m no rock star….

No… in my case, this seems more a journal as it started, and remains. And as long as I’ve still got to work something out, I’ll keep at it. But as they say, “Life is very short my friend” and that seems more in mind than it used to be.

My wife says I work things out with my mouth… which… okay… I guess translates to going public with unfinished thoughts that in many cases are less “statements” than something more like ideas. It’s a habit from the sort of collaborative style of work I do… and it helps avoid sinking time into dead-ends and committing oneself to something before it gets “tested”… but I’m not sure a blog really serves this funciton all that well. But that’s sort of where it is…

But in all truth… I mean… if anyone ever wants to go collaborative, and approach I’ve seen fail here more often than work…. and I know I’m not the top of the list, but you could put me down as more interested in the roundhouse than the monologue. As for now, it’s a toss up whether to continue or “go native”.


  1. I, for one, would be sorry to see you go. I read you regularly though do not comment often, as is my practice on most blogs. You, like my hubster, think aloud. He talks until he gets it figured out. Me, I am the opposite. I am quiet then once I’ve come to a conclusion, I speak.

    For myself when I first started blogging, I was concerned to post frequently so as to build readership. Why I felt that burden I don’t know because that is exactly what it turned out to be…a burden. Now, however, I post when I feel like it, which isn’t often it is turning out to be. And when I do post, it isn’t very “theological” or “profound.” It ends up being…gosh…I don’t even know!

    There you have it…gobblety goop once again from yours truly! LOL!

    Peace bro!

    BTW, I LOVE the Beatles! As does my spiritual big brother who happens to be a great schema monk! Ha!

    All you need is LOVE! LOVE is all you need!

  2. Readership. Ah… well…. there’s that, isn’t there? On the otherhand, I’m intrigued with the possibility that if profundity and meaning were what we were supposed to be about, we wouldn’t have jaws and the brains to move them into speech, or keyboards and the fingers to stroke ’em.

    No… not quitting just yet, but thanks for the encouragement. Think ’bout it often. But wondering about the moment when… after all four things that I may actually have to say in this life have been said in all four hundred variants… then what? In the meantime, I’m still running at the keyboard trying to unclog the fog machine and figure out what those four things are!

  3. I’ve often thought of kicking the blog habit too, but it hasn’t been much of a habit the past couple years, but it is a nice place to rant and think out loud and kick some butt once in a while when I’m feeling ornery. And besides, my wife and kids would never know what’s going on with me if I didn’t blog….. 🙂
    Stick around, I always like yer “stuff”.

  4. Hey I enjoy your blog…and I didn’t know 3 years ago an Antiochian from a cardgame. But I do now too BUT I often think about starting a blog (the world needs another one, you know).

    So get back to your bloggone roots. What were the reasons you picked up this awful habit to begin with?

  5. I noticed he had great comments on lots of blogs but didn’t “blog”… I may have been the first to catch him at it then said, “C’mon JtTH, eat the fruit, its good for you, look how nice it looks…….” 🙂

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