Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | September 29, 2008

Soooo… about lunch…

We were trying to come up with a new place to go for lunch. Someone suggested we try this new place where they had a great meal over the weekend. Sent the weblink ’round the office. Their website had only the above photo. So y’know how these things go….

I like the construction helmet on the bar!  Has the Health Inspector been there yet?

Your immunity should be strong since you eat Chinese carry-out at least once a week. It’s the making change and then sticking your eggrolls and fortune cookies in your bag that is so appealing…

Yes, I love the seasonings of copper, nickel and silver.

That’s actually a salad using a new kind of leaf: Hardhatula. I don’t do Arugula either. So I’ll be sticking with a burger. Maybe… even… from Wendy’s.

Yeah… everyone’s a comedian.

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