Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | September 24, 2008

Delay and Not

Okay… I’ve opened my trap once… so I guess I’m committed. As far as this financial crisis goes,  we need do only one thing now: Plug the hole in the ship.

We don’t need to transfer ownership, we don’t need to re-engineer it, replace the bilge pumps, re-coat the bottom, or replace the captain and crew. What we’ve got is what we’ve got, and there’s not exactly time for a lot of discussion on the perfect repair technique. And yes they did manage to blow a pretty clear hole into a ship in the middle of the doggone Ocean almost as if they were out seeking the only known hazard to navigation in thousands of miles… just to test the unsinkability of the boat. But crazy as that sounds… it’s not the first time… nor the last. And unless you like swimming with the fishes… which I don’t… we can deal with that later.

I mean, if you’ve ever once in your life seen how fast water comes through the bottom of a ship when you’re underway, you know how frighteningly important it is to be quick. Time is one thing we don’t have. So the job really is just this simple: Shove a little something in the hole and slow down the incoming water enough so that we can pump out faster than what’s coming in.

Plugging the hole involves a couple of rags, a little caulking and that’s it. We can argue about how much the captain and navigator got paid later, or whether they should go to jail or ever again have command. But we  just really don’t have time at the moment. And we don’t even care what we shove in the hole… anything will do. We might miss it later, and that’s okay. I think when we’re ready for a real fix, we’ll get the stuff back and it might even still be usable. But for now, like I said: rags, garbage, a couple of bankers, lobbyists and congressmen… you name it… just shove’em in the hole.

Jawing about the rest is to miss the big picture. Yes, we all have our plans..  least of all moi. But we’re not going to have a chance to change the ship, the crew or the direction we’re cruising in if we don’t plug this thing. And no, we don’t have the luxury of going into dry dock out here in the middle of the Ocean… we ‘re just not that lucky or that smart. But a little expeditious elbow grease does come in handy.

But if we have to wait for the jawing to be done,  especially if we have to wait to hear about who’s not responsible by those who were… and the ship begins to list to a point where… well, you shift to the bottom work of salvage and recovery. Wish it were otherwise… but there was a time we could have had these discussions… and didn’t. Now it’s time for all hands to get to it.

Let those of us who do not have a hand in the work pray for those who do.


  1. Okay….were you a Navy man or what?

    All good thoughts sir. How come nobody’s listening???? I know! They LIKE hearing themselves talk because that’s what cause the problem in the first place…lots of hot air and no guts to take a stand and DO something!


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