Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | September 11, 2008

Memory Eternal

Rick Rescorla was one of the great heroes of 9-11. To those of us involved in the financial business… his heroism in saving nearly 3,000 people from the top of the World Trade Center that day in an event he had foreseen as far back as the first attempt in 1992, the day in which he gave up his life to go back in and find the dozen or so stragglers, the day just a handful ahead of his daughter’s wedding… that day will be remembered. May all those who were lost, their families and loved ones as well.

Rick was first called to attention by Hal Moore’s book, “We Were Soldiers Once and Young”.  Frankly, I’d passed this over until the first year after the events of 9-11, when an economist, “Moto” (his Vietnam chopper’s call sign), I subscribed to linked me to Moore’s speech. He spoke mostly of Rick. Rick had been a hero before… in the Ia Drang campaign in The Valley of Death as it was called. I had to read the book. The movie extends the ironies somewhat… and adds as well to the texture in a way that is surprising for a Mel Gibson flick.

But the Prologue far exceeds the rest of the text, and surpasses much of what is written on war period. It is the theme of 10,000 days in far fewer words. It is the theme of experience, of authenticity, and love. I gave my copy away years ago, but that Prologue remains etched in my mind…. simple as it is. Moore put Rick’s picture on the cover long before… as one of the heroes in those days, he was a hero again, and so he remains.

Memory eternal!


  1. Memory Eternal indeed !

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