Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | June 10, 2008

Gotta Roll With It…

Received in yesterday’s email, this photo presents so many opportunities…. an opening to so many potential captions…

And maybe it was the heat or the lack of air; or the fact that I’m still not through any of the five million books I’m NOT concurrently reading and therefore lacking in material; or possibly the fact that my Guardian Angel got kind of miffed at my last post and a little “light” reminder that maybe his job is easier than it looks might help get me out from under the cloud; or maybe it’s just that at four bucks a gallon plus, being outta-gas doesn’t seem so unusual anymore…

So I’m posting this baby. S’posed to send me to the website of one of my “favorite” suppliers. And as they used to say in a memorable Christmas perfume commercial: “Share the fantasy…”. Right. Now, FWIW… I realize it might be disappointing to consider that this is NOT actually yours truly… but on the other hand, I am very impressed with the dog.


  1. See now…this photo is what gives GOOD motorcycles a bad name. My heavens!

    Impressed with the dog? Hilarious!

    Per your earlier questions James, Yes summer school. No final FINALS yet. May 2009 and I will be “certified” or is that “diplomaed?” Considering I am already the former (LOL!), I guess it will be the latter. Then on to further studies…thus why I am certified….nuts!!

  2. You actually have a picture of my retirement plan! LOL!

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