Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | June 3, 2008

Updated Links

Three new links have been added to the blogroll (like you’ve been waiting, huh?):

  1. Andrea Elizabeth
  2. Lost in Elegant Cogitation
  3. Koinonia

“Axios! They are worthy!” We lose bloggers sometimes, too! Enjoy these folks while you can. Sometimes the stream dries up, real life takes over, the thesis consumes, or a transfer of some sort intervenes. This “writing for the fun of it” ! … well… sometimes the fun… hmmm….

Note also that one of my linked blogs signed off and has been removed.  Seems to happen often enough. Sadly I already can’t find it in my bookmarks!… and I’m already so geezing I can’t remember the title either!

“Departed worthy blogs… Memory Eternal ! Whoever you were! We liked you.  We got a lot out of you… we just can’t remember your name or find you anymore.” Not your fault. Just my bad. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi !

Brings up a whole new concern or two. Yep. You got it. Those icons. Sure hope these folks were perfected… ’cause otherwise… I’m thinking… I mean I know what the real world’s like:

“Thanks for your prayer. I’m not here to hear you right now… but your prayer is very important to me. I’ll be sure to get busy with the  interceding business for you later if you’ll leave a message at the beep.”

And for those forgetful saints who got a lot on their plate:

“For quality assurance and verification, your prayer is being recorded.”

FWIW… I’m not saying this is happening to me… I’m on a different network. But if you don’t get on the right prayer plan… think what could happen!

While we’re at it with the icon thing….want to draw attention to Icon New Media Network’s podcasts on Prayer with Fr. Jonah, abbott of the monastery of St. John of Shanghai in San Francisco. There are five (count ’em) podcasts here… so it’s a chunk of time… but what else are we loading on the iPod these days? Okay…so I’m an Orthogeek (!) but yes I download the Ancient Faith stuff, Orthodox choral CD’s and the like… but sheesh! there is some R&B there as well… I mean you gotta grunt to something else at the gym sometime! But these podcasts are quite good and helpful. Folks won the “Best Group Blog Award”… so they’re doing something right! Give it a try if you go for this kind of thing.


  1. You are very kind to add me to your blogroll James. I am humbled.

    Posting has gotten to be a challenge with classes (I’m nearly done!) and helping someone write a book. But I keep at it as best as possible.

  2. Don’t be humbled at least on my account!!

    Keep up with the studies… we can catch up with your cogitating when you’re done. Final “finals” soon? Summer school ?

  3. “Departed worthy blogs… Memory Eternal ! Whoever you were! We liked you. We got a lot out of you… we just can’t remember your name or find you anymore.”


  4. LOL! Like the line in the Eagle’s song, “We’ll never forget you til somebody else comes along….”

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