Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | March 24, 2008

Help for Seekers

Thing One and Thing Two (Dr. Seuss) seem to be running into each other and over top of me these days. I’m behind. My good intentions seem to have… well… gone down the disposal like my Lenten Cheese projects. I keep forgetting an ingredient or throwing it in the mix when it’s supposed to go somewhere else. Did I tell you I specialize in outdoor grilling? Ooops. Well… the branch into zero saturated fat eating led me into the kitchen which is the source of all male humility…. trumped only by the disease from which we all suffer (or so I am told): “Male Refrigerator Blindness”. Needless to say…. saving the world from another of my “experiments”… one that almost did kill me… is a worthwhile enterprise. So I took a break… okay… the health food store hid the Agar flakes (Kelp! Kelp! Kelp me before I Hill again!) and instead of writing those articles I should have…. I’ve simply linked a few of the better pieces collected through the course of the last year or two. Maybe someone else will find them helpful…. or puzzling.

Just remember: If you’re not overwhelmed in the Orthodox Church…. you’re not in it! Accept no substitutes!

Meanwhile… back on track.. my pointlessness was dwelling on suggestions for those truly gluttonous for punishment: the link at the top of the masthead somewhere by the same name as this post leads to the links which neither involve golf nor sausage… but instead some rather excellent reading material by bona fide sources. Bon jour!


  1. Good list! There are several I’ve not seen before. I hope your cooking experiments work out better next time.

  2. Very good suggestions all. I need to check them out myself!

    As for the cooking…Lord have mercy you are one funny guy. Though I shouldn’t be teasing you because you are making an effort after all, and THAT scores major points!

  3. Very nice list!

    I am not a cook either…Lent for me means hummus, low carb tortillas, olives, lettuce, nuts, avocado…and sometimes Chinese take out. The odd thing is how I still manage to eat so much…as if I am trying to fill that meat void with hummus. It ain’t workin’ but I keep tryin’.

    We are at the midpoint now (yes, I am slow in getting around to my blog reading…I can tell it’s Lent because life has been so difficult lately) and I am surely looking forward to that hummus free week at the end! I am a pitiful Orthodox Christian…makes me wonder if Orthodoxy is the true Church. How could she make such a mistake and let a slacker like me in!

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