Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | February 28, 2008

Audio File Links on the Blogroll

Wanted to draw attention to two excellent sources of catechesis, apologetics, and simple “adult ed” podcast material to load up on your iPod or MP3 player. I should have posted this earlier….not to intimidate or anything… but these podcasts run 1-hour to 1-1/2-hours… so you really DO need to download rather than listen on line… or you’ll be glued to your chair too long.

The first is from Fr. Evan Armatas of the Greek Archdiocese to whom I remain deeply indebted for being able to walk into this Church. Don’t know how I stumbled on his material… seems like an eon ago… but he seemed such a regular, normal guy that when starting to visit Orthodox churches, I made contact with him to ask whether he could recommend one in my area. He wouldn’t settle for email, so through discussion over the phone, he directed some readings on spirituality to complement the all-common, head clogging theological stuff… and kept in-touch through Chrismation and beyond. Can’t thank him enough. Among his many gifts of insight, introspection, humility and humor, he is also prodigious; I highly recommend the materials on the Parables. Good for those Lenten workouts at the gym. Earlier assigned to St. Catherine’s in Denver, Fr. Evan is now building up a new mission at St. Spyridon – where I hope to visit if I ever spend more than a Southwest Air delay in the Mile High City.

The other is Peter Kreeft. He is a professor at Boston College, a place he refers to as “BC for barely catholic”. He is considered by many to be the Roman Catholic church’s answer to C.S. Lewis and a great speaker. He has written extensively on apologetics, and I think some of his material is actually used in many RCIA classes. Whatever you may think of the Catholic Church, it does do a great job teaching… and Professor Kreeft is a good part of that effort – at its very best and most winning. Most of his stuff sticks to the main themes and attests to his admiration for C.S. Lewis in hewing to the “Mere christianity” approach. Particularly recommend his lecture on “Winning the Culture Wars” for its humor, its sanguinity (is that a word?), and its insight. I’ve listened to that over and over… but then, I’m a glutton for these things.


  1. Just wanted to say that I added your blog to my blogroll. I hope this does not offend.

  2. Aw shucks. Thanks, but the skin’s almost as thick as my head. Happy to return the “favor” !

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