Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | February 21, 2008

Off the Shelf…

Christ in His SaintsOrthodox Study Bible

FWIW, the combination of these two works provides an enjoyable thematic approach to getting into the new Orthodox Study Bible. Fr. Pat provides a wonderful, personal perspective on the stories and people of the Scriptures. Let me amplify that a bit: Fr. Pat’s writing brings out the persons of the text, gives them dimension, and fleshes out the saintly believers and their lives that rounds them into life when you go back to the text. He gives you something else to read for and appreciate in these stories. And the opportunity to follow his insights by turning directly to the passages and books he cites for reading… especially with a “corrected” Septuagint together with additional text notes of the new OSB addition…. well, it’s a good way to really get familiar with this text… to read in a number of different places… and I highly recommend it as a complement to sequential reading approaches.


As to the OSB, I’ve heard some folks comment on the paper. Honestly, I can’t recall the last time I ever read a book for the paper, or stopped reading for the same reason. Maybe next time… in Jerusalem… we can read it on vellum, parchment or in a mosaic. Until then, all I can say is that it is a pleasure to feel as if you’re encountering the same text earlier generations knew. No mumbo jumbo, no alterations to please someone special… no dumbing down for words of one syllable or to make it readable at a speed of Mach 5. In short, no politicking. Just the straight stuff. Thanks to all who worked on this project, to Nelson for publishing it, for Concilliar Press for distributing it and for the supporters in the Church that helped guide and inspire it!


  1. My OSBs are in the mail but have not arrived yet. (I ordered them with a group from a parish my friend belongs to…so my copies were shipped there and now must be mailed to my house.) Can’t wait to get the full bible Orthodox style!

    But I wanted to throw a plug in for Father Pat’s Christ in the Psalms as well. Really makes a wonderful companion to studying the Psalms and Father Pat does some great work in relating those texts back to the Liturgy.

    My husband, the Lutheran, really liked Christ in His Saints.

  2. Have Christ in the Psalms… read a couple. But am now more episodic in psalms than I probably should be. Go there for special recommendations. used to have the John Paul II’s and Ratzinger’s (now Benedict XVI) take on the the psalms as well. The few I saw were pretty good as well.

    Does help to have someone take you throught these. It’s one thing to sing them at Matins or Vespers… another to pray them and study on your own. Seems like that should happen before the services….

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