Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | February 18, 2008

Languages Not Spoken… and the Title to this Blog

Awright.. before anyone gets the wrong idea, let me make clear that I don’t know, speak or read Latin or for that matter any other language. I struggled with my disinterest in things scholastic through years of Spanish… and lost. So on a good day, I might be able to figure out what my “Acme School of Truck Driving” diploma actually says… but we won’t go there. Rumor has it I know a few English words, but if you read anything I write much past the opening line or two, you’ll be entitled to question that as well. Let me say that I tried to get some Latin folks to help me with the title, but most were either too busy having fun re-translating the Vulgate, proving their superiority to the Barbarians, or just plain extinct. Personally I don’t understand the extinct part because… I mean… the Latin Lover thing… I mean… isn’t that the point?

At any rate, the task of coming up with a variation on Julius’s famous quotation for my blog title was respectfully (and unrespectfully!) declined. Instead, I was left dangerously to my own devices…. and one of those language translation webtools. I think Dell’s outsourced “engineers” use these to come up with their winning ways; so my expectations for how this has worked in my case probably deserve about as good a reception! And lest we get off on the wrong foot, let me say up front that the title is supposed to translate “I came, I saw, I believed”. Modernists would add “I whatevered” but given that I don’t think that’s a verb yet.. I left that part out.

Needless to say, I’m prepared for some rather rude suprises. Then again, my readership of four frogs, a couple of toads, a hungry but toothless gator, and some others hasn’t complained so far. Then again, left-over stuffed animals usually don’t. Maybe they’re not exactly my target audience, but then I’m not sure who or what is a target audience in these blog things. Okay then, the title’s either a bit pretentious or a bit trite or both. As a geezer, these things are in the water…and it’s that kind of territory… where the walls talk. Flee while you still can! And anyway, maybe pretentious is under-rated, and trite unfairly maligned. Heck, we’re gonna get a lot that these days and call it inspired in an election year! So why get hung up about it? Fact is, we puzzled, bewildered, huddled masses find comfort in the trite but true. That’s to be read as in: “I trite to practice my piano lessons…. but my fingers were on vacation.” As the Duke said after he put down the basketball in his first Blue Devil flick, “A man could go there.” Where? “I dunno…. Down by the river.” No, I meant on vacaction. “Yeah, winter’ll do that to a man.” I always liked folks who were tall and could get away with talking like there was somebody else in the room. (Put that down as another ambition for this blog? Sure, let’s get tall.)


  1. Subsequently… I am pleased (?) to report learning from the Yahoogroup “Servi_Servorum” (Inductive Ecclesiastical Latin) that the title needed a little tweaking from my original from “Credi” to the correct “Credidi”. Not as visually parallel, but rolls off the tongue like a drum beat…. and it just might be right. Better than a machine-based stab at things. Anyway… made the correction. Thanks!

    Now the negatives… aside from still sounding a little (only a little?) pompous.. now it sounds like I went to church with my Mastercard. Oh well. Maybe we’ll get a better title later. Will have to do for now.

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