Posted by: jamesthethickheaded | February 17, 2008

And We’re (Slightly) Off…

Not exactly sure where we’re headed… but we’ll know when we get there. The back seat is already asking the front seat; the right side is already wondering why the GPS isn’t on, and the left side is busy punching too many buttons… all of which are more easily managed when we’re stopped. Of course… we’re not. We’re hurtling down the road well past youth, past parenthood, and on into the glories of middle age. Okay… someone in the back seat suggested we might face the fact that 50 is closer to old age… but for now, we’re going to pretend we didn’t hear it. So it is this perspective of entry into middle age, entry into empty nesting, and entry into contemplation of the moving road ahead (maybe I just need new glasses?) that found a way to meander into the smokey incense of the Ancient Church… that offered hospitality, a life, and a place to stay. Of course… they haven’t gotten to know me yet… and that tends to change everything! But for now there is hope that this will lead somewhere… if not simply downstairs to a cup of coffee and bite to eat.

One of the places I hope this will lead is to a little clarity about where we are, why we’re here, and what it means. Do we just back the car up and drive on? Do we get out and have coffee? or What do we do? Frankly, I’ve written too many words on the websites of other folks about these things. And it seems time to get beyond burning the goodwill and bandwidth of other bloggers’s sites and let them work their magic without my “contributions” clogging up the ‘net. Instead, the process of wading through the muck of my own mind might actually yield a little more direct progress through a little direct accountability. Seems worth a gamble. So either I’ll figure it out somewhere, or we’ll follow the motto of a “Young Nashvillian” who was disconcerted to find herself repeating the refrain, “Take a hike, buddy!” far too often to the unwelcome advances of her legion of admirers…. and we’ll simply fade into the night, mumbling obliviously. Since lengthy passages often amount to the same thing, I vow as well to endeavor to hold these mumblings to short, even if infrequent installments.

My other ambition is to explore the creative aspects as they bear on our faith. I am intrigued by the implications and parallels between our understanding of the creative processes of the mind and our translation of these into the physical realm about us in art, action and artifact as well as our very lives – and the admonition that we come to Christ as children. Children can and often do figure their way through things while we adults are still puzzling over them. Sometimes we adults persist in demanding answers where there are none, and action is more clearly the only “answer”. Hard as it is to put one foot behind the other and walk, sometimes its the only language we know that says what we really feel. So where the opportunity presents itself, it will be followed.


  1. Hi James! I’ve enjoyed many of your bandwidth sentences on other blogs and was delighted to see you’ve one of your own! Hope you don’t mind a fellow traveler sitting on the trunk, copping a ride.

  2. Welcome aboard! Don’t know how far this’ll go… before we run outta gas… but I think there’ s a gallon or two in the tank.

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